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Villa Opéra Drouot est un établissement des Hôtels de Paris.

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Hotel Villa Opera Drouot, back to the "Belle Epoque"

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Opéra - Grands Boulevards - Saint Lazare

A rococo décor, so dear to the “Belle Époque”, and near the Boulevard des Italiens

Right in the heart of the Right Bank theatre district and near some famous institutions, such as the Folies Bergères or the Brasserie Chartier, the Villa Opéra Drouot plays with the operetta theme to tell its own story of the joyful ambiance of the “Belle Époque”.
With the colour carmine dominating, and with a heavy presence of upholstered velvet, rich fabrics, heavy drapes with braided tiebacks, weighted down with tassels, all the musical instrument-themed decorations occupy every floor, surrounding you in splendour.
The 29 rooms, benefitting from the hotel’s corner architecture, are very bright, with some having as many as four windows. Those on the 5th floor have Haussmann-style balconies, allowing guests to enjoy a typical view of the Parisian rooftops.
The staff is committed to providing customised service to meet the expectations of guests. Breakfast is served in your room or as a buffet in a lovely room with a vaulted ceiling and exposed stone walls.
Vendredi 21 Septembre 2018
Paris, France

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The District

There are areas in Paris where shopping is king. Where the supply is so abundant that it borders on the mythical. This is the case of the Grands Boulevards, where, even outside of the Christmas shopping period or the big sales, it’s busy all the time... The Parisian identity, intimately linked with the city’s boulevards, is emblematic here. In the 19th century, Haussmann created a sumptuous architecture, bestowing honour, shops and activity to the streets. The boulevard bearing his name became the home of le Printemps and les Galeries Lafayette. It’s worth going out of one’s way to see the architecture of these buildings, but discovering the atmosphere inside is also a unique experience.

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The Hotel strenghts

  • The rococo theme in all its variations, decorative gilding and red velvet fabrics
  • Corner junior suites
  • The duplexes
  • The 5th-floor rooms with Haussmann-style balconies